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GPS, VHF Radio, and Radar Repairs

We have well equipped workshop facilities and our engineers have extensive fault-finding knowledge gained through formal training and years of experience.

We will always try to repair a product where possible before suggesting that it should be replaced and we carry an extensive range of spare parts for a wide variety of marine electronic and navigation equipment. We can often repair equipment regarded as obsolete by the manufacturer - extending the life of your equipment and offering you savings.

GPS, VHF radio and radar are perhaps the highest "profile" pieces of equipment on which we carry out repairs. In fact we have sufficient experience to take a look at just about any type of marine electronic equipment and in the unfortunate event that we can't fix it, we will be able to source a replacement for you.

The condition of your electronic equipment, particularly equipment which assists your safety, is something worthy of attention. We can conduct maintenance and servicing; acting to check the condition of your equipment before problems arise to offer you total peace of mind.

Contact us today to discuss any repair or servicing requirements you have.